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Naga & The Captainess

An interactive sculptural work coming to Burning man 2024- and beyond!

Far off at sea, a ship is sinking.  Treasure and cargo are streaming out of the broken hull of a ship called the Aldrovanda.  The ship belongs to an adventuress, who travels the world in search of knowledge, treasure, and botanical curiosities.  She ferries cargo to distant ports to pay for her travels. 

Something has gone wrong, the ship is sinking, and looming above, is a giant sea serpent, looking intently for someone or something. 

His name is Naga and he is a treasure-protecting serpent, sworn to guard something that was on the ship. 

Did he sink it? Or is he there to help?  What will we learn about the enigmatic captain from her quarters?  What stories will be told around the fires?  What will we discover in the treasure chests, floating into the waves?

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