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BioEthanol smokeless fireplaces

* Due to the unique nature of each piece, I do not list stock online but you can contact me for current availability.  Please e-mail or text for current stock in the variety of wood you prefer.  *  Contact

These indoor/outdoor firepieces are made from trees ethically harvested or fallen in Northern California.  Each 5"x5"x11-14" log has a .5 liter burner, which stays lit for about 2.5 hours before needing to be refilled.  Bio-ethanol is made from non-petroleum sources and burns completely clean to water vapor and co2, at about the same rate as a person breathing.  Because of this there is no smoke, and they require no vent.

A burner this size will heat a small room over the course of a few hours.  They are great for a little warmth, decoration and making s'mores!

Each piece is unique, and availability varies based on supply.  Some woods are more readily available than others, but the selection has included cedar, pecky cedar, walnut, yew, fir, oak, black oak, redwood, manzanita, cherry, apple, acacia, and driftwood.

Each piece is selected for it's character.  Some have a metal alloy poured in the cracks and sanded flush to highlight the art that nature has made.  Others are simply sanded and coated with natural linseed oil or Rubio Monocoat to highlight the color and beauty of the grain. 

Prices start at $400, and for difficult to work with woods like Manzanita or for metal inlay prices start at $450-$500


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