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Element 26 fabrication builds architectural designs for Cjay Roughgarden as well as other artists and architects.  Below are a selection of in-house designs 

Family Paths Gate

Family Paths in a semi-historic building in downtown Oakland needed a security gate that complied with fire code and would aesthetically match the building.

Floating Stairs

This floating staircase cantilevers off of three steel pillars and a laminated wood beam.  Made of 1/4" wall 2" x 10" rectangle tube, it has almost no flex, making it solid even before a handrail is installed.

Stacked Spiral Lamp

This spiral lamp sleeves 3/8 rod over 1/8 rod in a repeating spiral design.  With a raw steel finish and Edison style LED bulb, it turns on and off with a small rocker switch.


Cjay presented a gallery show of clocks in 2019-2020, some are presented below.  All can be seen on the store page. 

Moon Window

The Apple and Mac Store in Berkeley needed security to prevent break-ins.  Inspired by Chinese "Moon Gates," this four-layer security mural provides protection as well as a beautiful mountain scene for employees and customers to enjoy. Miniature moon windows carry the scene on to the other side of the store.

Step Shelves

These simple step shelves gave secure access to a loft bed while giving plenty of storage space below.

Made of angle iron and plywood the two part assembly bolts together and to the wall.

Cantilevered Fire Pit

This dual propane/ wood burning fire pit has two independent propane burners, one inside the fire bowl and one in a ring around it.  The inside dish may be swapped out for a wood burning one using small detachable handles.  The propane fitting attaches with a quick-release adapter.

Nouveau Pergola

This Nouveau Pergola was designed to compliment a Victorian house and to create a space for outdoor dining.

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