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Caliban's Hands.jpeg

Repair, refurbishment, and collaborative enhancement of already built works by other artists.


A fabrication collaboration with artist, metal weaver, welder and designer Chrystie Cappelli, Cjay developed a spinning base mechanism and lighting plan.

Caliban's Hands

This artwork by Christopher Myers originally sat on the floor in a gallery. We prepared it for outdoor presentation by creating secure, hidden mounting points, a life-like custom rock, and pre-weathered corten pedestal.

Rumors of War

The pedestal for this sculpture by Kehinde Wiley was damaged in shipping.  We saw the bronze base had been patinated black, offering no counterpoint to the dark sculpture, and panels had completely broken off.  We repaired and re-patinated the bronze, offering a stunning contrast to bring more attention to the artwork.  We also made and installed bollards to protect it.

Champagne Glass

A performer had a giant champagne glass built and needed a matching ladder to access it during her performance. We designed a nouveau-style ladder that attached securely and detached easily for transport.

Farmer the Rigger

When lead artist Zulu Heru broke his arm two weeks before an opening, Cjay stepped in to finish the skinning of the fingers. 

Raygun Gothic Rocket

Cjay worked with a team of artists to refurbish the "Raygun Gothic Rocket," by Five Ton Crane before a permanent installation.  The interior was modified, and damaged aluminum panels were replaced.  Interior lighting was created with a "Moire" effect using perforated steel.

Exit Reality

Virtual Reality experience cubes needed repair, new structures and replacement of exterior cladding

Frame for Stained Glass

A client had a vintage piece of stained glass that required a custom frame to match it's uneven dimensions.

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